The CISM Industry International Certifications

Benefit #1

Improved crisis management skills

Benefit #2

Enhanced career opportunities

Benefit #3

Recognized expertise in International CISM Community

Understanding Crisis Intervention and Disaster Response

Offered by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc (ICISF) in partnership with UMBC‘s Department of Emergency Health Services through its Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) program, these International CISM Industry Certifications are the world’s first university-based certifications in the field of Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and psychological crisis intervention. The goal of the CISM Industry International Certifications is to foster enhanced knowledge about crisis intervention and disaster response from the CISM perspective. In doing so it is hoped that research and practice shall be fostered as well.
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Who needs ICISF Certification:

The CISM Industry International Certifications are designed for a wide range of professionals, including emergency responders, mental health clinicians, public health personnel, disaster responders, educators, clergy, employee assistance professionals, CERT team members, and anyone interested in demonstrating their knowledge in the field of CISM.

It’s also ideal for organizations that want to promote and standardize a fundamental knowledge base among its personnel who respond to crisis and trauma.

Designed to be an international standard for all those who provide, or will provide, CISM and related emergency and disaster mental health services.

ICISF currently offers the following:

  • International Certification in Critical Incident Stress Management
  • International Recertification in Critical Incident Stress Management
  • International Certification in Peer Para-Counseling

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